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The 716 Love & Consequences

The 716, Love and Consequences

What happens when you mix music, friendship and love? You get the 716. Anika, Monica, Ayanna and Yazz will take you on a journey of love, life lessons and friendship as they navigate the streets of Buffalo, New York. These young ladies share the consequences of wanting men that live dangerous and love hard. Set to a soundtrack of the early 90’s the lives of these four best friends take you down memory lane. Full of emotional twists, experience the love, pain and joy that these four ladies endure. The first book in the trilogy, The 716, Love and Consequences will leave you wanting more. Immerse yourself in the lives of the characters, as their stories set the tone for the fun and often deadly world of growing up in the inner city.

The 716 Love and Consequences will not disappoint. Get ready to take a trip back in time and allow these 4 ladies to remind you of what life was like growing up during the 90’s, and livin’ in the streets of Buffalo, NY.

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